History of the Airport
World War II had progressed into 1942 when the training of pilots was to become part of Lawrence County, Illinois. Early in the year Army personnel were known to have inspected and become interested in Allison Prairie in the east section of the country. Over 3,000 acres were selected for the varied weather conditions which afford the variety of flying conditions to train and prepare pilots for combat. The official selection was finalized on April 16, 1942 and publicly announced the next day.

On August 10 , 1942, Colonel George W. Mundy took control of George Field. The name of the field was a matter of much interest. The training school was first referred to as “Lawrence Army Flying School” by Congressman Laurence Arnold. Shortly after Colonel George W. Mundy took control of the field released this statement: “The airfield five miles east of Lawrenceville, Illinois is designated George Field in honor of the late General Harold H. George”.

“The Battle of George Field” was fought and won in the flooded Field on June 12, 1943. By August 1944 there was a large increase of cadets in training. George Field changed from an Army Air Corps Pilots School to the 805th Troop Carrier Command. After the last class of successful graduates in 1944 there were rumors that George Field would shut down by 1946.These rumors were true and the land was leased to area farmers.
Lawrenceville then made application to the War Assets Administration to acquire George Field. An application signed by Stoy Fox, Mayor of Lawrenceville, resulted in the “transfer of George Field to the City of Lawrenceville, Illinois, as per application, and acceptance of this was dated May 2, 1948 (sale date).” (Document 6923671).
The deed for the Field was acquired by the city of Lawrenceville on November 16, 1948 and was called Lawrenceville Municipal Airport. The lease money from the land was used by Lawrenceville to maintain the Airport and still is to present day.
By June 14, 1964, negotiations created a locally operation known as the Bi-State Authority. This Bi-State Authority is the only one in the United States composed of a committee across state lines operating a common facility. The Lawrenceville Municipal Airport was given a new name after June 14, 1964 and was called the Lawrenceville-Vincennes Municipal Airport.


    On February 20, 1980, the name was changed again, this time to Mid-American Air Center with a secondary name of Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport. It is still controlled by the Bi-State Authority. The previous housing was torn down when no longer needed and industry has been sought over the years to make this facility something of an Industrial Park.

    At present two industries operate on the grounds. The airport is actively use by both small and larger aircraft and as a training area by Vincennes University in its pilot training.

    At one time several commuter services were offered, but no longer available. It is hoped that good use of the facilities can be developed in the future.